DIY: Prayer/Scripture Verse Jar

DIY Prayer/Scripture Verse Jar

Do you need a little encouragement in your life or a place to keep your prayers tucked away? Then this DIY project is for you!

I was browsing Pinterest one day (my daily routine…lol) when I came across an idea for a dream jar–you put all your dreams or goals for your life in a jar and then you open it whenever you want to and see if maybe you’ve accomplished those dreams/goals in your life. I thought it was a great idea, but I wanted to take it a step further.

I began to think “what if you used it as a prayer jar or a scripture verse jar?”. You could write prayer requests to God and open the jar a year later and look back and see how God worked the miraculous in your life. Or you could use it as a daily reminder of how GOOD God is and write out His promises from His Word on paper and store them in a jar.

DIY Prayer/Scripture Verse Jar

Supplies you will need:

DIY Prayer/Scripture Verse Jar

*You could also use acrylic paint to change the look of your jar lid

DIY Prayer/Scripture Verse Jar

If you do decide to use your jar for scripture verses–below are some of my favorite verses.

DIY Prayer/Scripture Jar

In whatever way you choose to use this jar, I hope you truly realize how the Lord loves you and knows your heart’s prayers even before you may know them yourself. And that His love for you never fails

I hope you enjoyed this post,  friend.  And I hope you find encouragement while doing this project.

Comment below: I would love to know what you chose to do with your jar-prayers, scripture verses, dreams, goals, etc.



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