An ironing fail & 4 t-shirt scarf tutorials

Let me tell you a little story

 I don’t know if anyone has told you, but vacationing at a hotel is supposed to be simple, relaxing and most of all easy. Ha, tell that to the iron I met! You know that dreaded feeling when you know you’ve ruined something, but you just don’t want to look? Oh, but I looked. While ironing my beloved pink shirt on vacation a couple summers ago, I ironed (or burned) a hole into it.Ironing Fail!

Let’s just say I wasn’t happy. I loved that shirt and then it tragically met that awful iron and it’s doom. Thankfully this story ends well, because I was able to find the exact same shirt at Target not long after. And it was on clearance too! Score!


You might be thinking “what does this story have to do with a DIY project?”. Well it has everything to do with that burnt pink shirt and the scarf I made out of it. Keep reading!


What you will need for any scarf tutorial-

DIY T-Shirt Scarf

2-3 shirts, scissors, (not pictured) a ruler, needle and thread (or a sewing machine)

-4 awesome tutorials for t-shirt scarf making-

Braided scarf from Ann Le {Anneorshine} on YouTube

T-shirt scarf from My Third True Love

3 t-shirt scarf ideas from Studio 5

Infinity necklace from Better Homes and Gardens

I followed the infinity necklace tutorial from Better Homes and Gardens and below is the finished project.

DIY T-Shirt Scarf

  I hope you enjoy some creative time while making your old t-shirts like new.

 Happy crafting!


-I would love to see your creations when you’re finished! You can post to my Facebook page- A Lovely Life or tag me on Instagram- @alovelylifeblog. Can’t wait to see what you make!


DIY: Prayer/Scripture Verse Jar

DIY Prayer/Scripture Verse Jar

Do you need a little encouragement in your life or a place to keep your prayers tucked away? Then this DIY project is for you!

I was browsing Pinterest one day (my daily routine…lol) when I came across an idea for a dream jar–you put all your dreams or goals for your life in a jar and then you open it whenever you want to and see if maybe you’ve accomplished those dreams/goals in your life. I thought it was a great idea, but I wanted to take it a step further.

I began to think “what if you used it as a prayer jar or a scripture verse jar?”. You could write prayer requests to God and open the jar a year later and look back and see how God worked the miraculous in your life. Or you could use it as a daily reminder of how GOOD God is and write out His promises from His Word on paper and store them in a jar.

DIY Prayer/Scripture Verse Jar

Supplies you will need:

DIY Prayer/Scripture Verse Jar

*You could also use acrylic paint to change the look of your jar lid

DIY Prayer/Scripture Verse Jar

If you do decide to use your jar for scripture verses–below are some of my favorite verses.

DIY Prayer/Scripture Jar

In whatever way you choose to use this jar, I hope you truly realize how the Lord loves you and knows your heart’s prayers even before you may know them yourself. And that His love for you never fails

I hope you enjoyed this post,  friend.  And I hope you find encouragement while doing this project.

Comment below: I would love to know what you chose to do with your jar-prayers, scripture verses, dreams, goals, etc.